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2015 Community Needs Task Force

17 Mar 2015, written by

We’re off to a great start – come join us!

Over 75 community leaders and interested individuals gathered at the Community Theatre on March 30 to kick off the Community Foundation’s effort to define and address current needs on our island through the formation of a Community Needs Task Force.

Participants signed up to serve on workgroups that focus on the critical areas of social services, environment, education (secondary through college), education (childhood development), food supply, housing, community service, and emergency preparedness.

If you missed that first gathering, it is not too late to sign up for a workgroup and have your voice heard. Each group will be meeting three times in the next couple of months, approximately two hours each time. Work group leaders are dedicated to conducting efficient, productive sessions that lead to meaningful and useable outcomes.

Please come be a part of setting the direction for your Community Foundation in the coming years. The fabric of our community becomes stronger when we weave solutions together. We need you!

Here’s what you can do right now:

Women’s Fund 2014 Grants Total $25,000

11 Dec 2014, written by

Wow!! What a year for the Community Foundation’s Women’s Fund! This group of over 95 women in our community pool their resources and in 2014 through active grant making, have supported the following community programs with grants totaling $25,000:

  • Musical instrument repair and purchase for Band Families and Friends
  • Safety and communications equipment for the Madrona Institute Conservation Corps
  • Stair Lift for limited mobility visitors for the Whale Museum
  • Training & community programs for the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services
  • Critical safety project for the Friday Harbor Elementary School
  • Facility weatherization and repairs for the Family Resource Center
  • Outfitting Brickworks
  • An English language learning & children’s enrichment program at the San Juan Island Library
  • A critical training drill for Islands Oil Spill Association on the West Side of San Juan Island
  • Emergency prescription and rental assistance for the Family Resource Center
  • Comprehensive training for Hospice of San Juan
  • “Every 15 Minutes” Program – DUI accident re-enactment for high school students with the EMT Association
  • Science outreach program for the Friday Harbor Labs
  • Dream Builders program by Washington Vocational Services benefiting special needs students at Friday Harbor Middle School

The Women’s Fund is structured as a pooled donor advised fund of the Foundation with a minimum donation of $100. Members have the opportunity to broadly review grant applications that cover all areas of community need and vote to recommend funding.

To learn more, call the Foundation office at (360) 378-1001 or visit the Women’s Fund website –

Annual Report

17 Sep 2014, written by

The Community Foundation’s 2013 Annual Report is available as a PDF file. Click the link to download the report: Annual Report 2013

Banner Year for Caring and Giving at the Fair

28 Aug 2014, written by

The Community Foundation was gratified by the amazing generosity of islanders last week at the 2014 San Juan County Fair when over $31,000 was donated to eight different projects featured in the matching program. This amount was raised in just the four days of the Fair!

The Foundation, in turn, Read More

Scholarship Awards Announced

08 Jul 2014, written by

The Community Foundation is pleased to announce its award of scholarships for the 2014/2015 academic year to former and present San Juan Island high school students. Awards totaled $152,000 and were made to continuing college students, high school students graduating this year, and individuals pursuing career training. Read More