Recent Grants

Islands Oil Spill Association – Green Heron Vessel Motor

27 Jun 2016, written by

The Islands Oil Spill Association was awarded a $5,000 grant to assist with the costs of replacing a 29-year-old motor for one of the primary spill response vessels, which is stationed at the Port of Friday Harbor. This vessel is designated to be one of the two primary boats prepared to meet the state’s required 2 & 3 hour response time-frame for San Juan County.

UW Foundation – FH Labs Science Outreach Program

27 Jun 2016, written by

The University of Washington Foundation was awarded a $1,807 grant in partnership with the Friday Harbor Labs for the following three items: 30 loupes for a 1st grade Scientific Inquiry/Investigation Loupe Project called EYE SPY-Magnify Your World 5Xs, 18 youth and 3 adult lifejackets for a 3rd grade Diver for a Day Project and 5th grade Friday Harbor Marina Water Quality Monitoring Project and one-year of Xeroxing cost for the entire Science Outreach Program.

SJI Prevention Coalition – Motivational Interview Training

27 Jun 2016, written by

The San Juan Island Prevention Coalition was awarded a $2,500 grant to provide a four day motivational interviewing training for providers of the newly launched SafeCare family support and educational program as well as to other professionals working in the physical and behavioral health fields. 20-30 individuals will receive this training between July and October 2016.

SJ Preservation Trust – “Book of Birds”

27 Jun 2016, written by

The San Juan Preservation Trust was awarded a $1,600 grant, in partnership with Spring Street International School, for print production of 1,000 books featuring SSIS student drawings of birds found in the San Juan Islands. Sale proceeds will help support the Mount Grant fundraising campaign.

SJI Family Resource Center – Island Neighbors

27 Jun 2016, written by

The San Juan Island Family Resource Center was awarded a $5,000 grant for a new project called Island Neighbors. Its purpose is to provide much needed support to older and physically challenged adult neighbors to keep them active and well within their own homes and community. This program will provide an array of helpful services to be delivered by a cadre of volunteer community members.

SJI Family Resource Center – Emergency Rental Assistance

27 Jun 2016, written by

The San Juan Island Family Resource Center was awarded a $3,500 grant to provide one-time emergency rental assistance to local households at risk of eviction due to non-payment of rent. The funds will be used specifically to help families and/or individuals who live at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

SJI Library – Digital Projector and equipment

27 Jun 2016, written by

The San Juan Island Library was awarded a $1,566 grant to purchase a laptop, digital projector, portable screen, speaker, camera, cables, adaptors, and jacks that will be available to loan to resident Library card holders.

SJ Nature Institute- Science at Camp Eagle Rock

16 Feb 2016, written by

The San Juan Nature Institute was awarded a $1,500 grant to provide funding for science activities for K-1st graders during Island Rec’s Summer Program, Camp Eagle Rock. Science activities are provided to two groups, one day a week for ten weeks. Areas of study include salmon, marine invertebrates, solar power, island watersheds, soils, botany, and PEAK (Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids).

SSIS – Summer Marine Science Program

22 Jan 2016, written by

Spring Street International School was awarded a $17,000 grant to fund startup costs for a Summer Marine Science Program.  This program will be an immersive 8-week long summer program devoted to marine sciences and maritime ecology pursued in conjunction with scientists and educators affiliated with the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Labs, SeaDoc Society, National Parks Service and Northwest Maritime Center. After initial startup costs, Spring Street expects this to be an ongoing and self-sustaining program

SJI EMT Association – Wilderness Training

22 Jan 2016, written by

The EMT Association was awarded a grant for $5,500 which will be used for Wilderness Training. This training provides local EMT with supplemental skills to handle medical situations in more remote island areas. This will positively affect outcomes for community members in need of EMS services.