Recent Grants

Preschool Learning Materials

22 Nov 2013, written by

High quality preschool materials are long-lasting and provide unique experiences for children that are different from their toys at home.  St. David’s Day School utilizes these materials to keep students engaged and facilitate participation, communication, and problem solving ability – essential components of preschool education.

Preschool Scholarship Support

22 Nov 2013, written by

St. David’s Day School is a highly regarded preschool with excellent teachers.  Scholarships enable the school to enroll students who will benefit greatly from the program but otherwise would not be able to attend.

K-12 Science Outreach Program – Invasive Mussels

22 Nov 2013, written by

UW Friday Harbor Labs has developed a set of hands on projects that involve students in conservation monitoring and introduce them to biotechnology equipment and procedures.  The Invasive Mussel study program includes four biology courses in which the students work with mussel DNA to assess the spread of the non-native farmed mussel into the wild population of mussels in Wescott Bay.

Ferry Ticket Program

22 Nov 2013, written by

The Family Resource Center provides ferry tickets to low income people for necessary trips off island for medical, unemployment, and other critical appointments.  Many of the people required to go off island for these services are those who can least afford it: those on Medicare, Disability, and the unemployed.

Continuing Education

22 Nov 2013, written by

Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center sent two staff members to the International Wildlife Rehabilitators Council (IWRC) conference to enhance their professional skills.  Their exposure to the lectures, workshops, and discussions led by veterinarians and wildlife biologists will improve Wolf Hollow’s standards of animal care and operations.

Rescue Truck Repairs and Equipment Support

21 Nov 2013, written by

Wolf Hollow’s rescue truck is essential for everything from picking up injured and orphaned animals to returning them to their release sites to hauling food and equipment.  It is used to help rescue every kind of animal from eagles to fawns.  It carries seal pups to a sheltered bay and hawks back to their woodland homes for release.  Repairs were needed to keep it operational.  Additionally, other equipment was needed to keep the animals clean and infection free.

2013 County Fair Matching Grant Awards

05 Sep 2013, written by

Donations received at the County Fair for the following programs were matched 50% by the Foundation. Thanks to the generosity to well over 100 fairgoers, over $20,000 has been granted in support of the following featured projects: (more…)

Preschool to Kindergarten Transitions program

27 May 2013, written by

With a goal to help pre-schoolers transition more successfully to kindergarten, the Family Resource Center will host a family meal and activity event to recruit more participants to their ‘Summer Transitions’ program and introduce families to the school staff and school protocols related to kindergarten entry. This program is a partnership with the library, local pre-schools and the public school district.

English Language Learning resources

27 May 2013, written by

Textbooks and workbooks for students of English Language Learning program. These evening English language classes include volunteers who help students with workbook assignments, conversation and reading. The structure of the program supports families with children and builds relationships, confidence and hope.

Friday Harbor Sailing Team Scholarship support

27 Apr 2013, written by

For students of the Friday Harbor High School Sailing Team to participate in WIND, a 3-day, comprehensive, immersion training clinic for sailors, ages 12-18 who are interested in developing skills to compete at a high level.