Recent Grants

SJI Family Resource Center – Kindergarten Kickoff Event

17 Nov 2017, written by

The San Juan Island Family Resource Center was awarded a grant to help fund expenses incurred at the annual Kindergarten Kickoff event for families with children who are about to enter Kindergarten. The event provides dinner, an informational presentation for parents and enrichment activities for children, all with the goal of familiarizing families with Friday Harbor Elementary School and helping them make connections with staff and other families.

SJI Family Resource Center – Parent Support Program

17 Nov 2017, written by

The San Juan Island Family Resource Center was awarded a grant to help support parents who have children with special needs. This community has a rapidly growing population of children with special needs. Due to our small community size, limited resources and geographic isolation, parents of children with special needs encounter barriers to accessing appropriate services and support for their children. Parents also struggle with their own fatigue, anxiety, sadness and/or social isolation as they care for high-needs children.

SJI Family Resource Center – Spanish Class

17 Nov 2017, written by

The San Juan Island Family Resource Center was awarded a grant to offer a 26-week evening Spanish class for human services professionals and volunteers working on San Juan Island. The two-hour weekly evening class will provide instruction in beginning conversational Spanish.

SJI Library – English Language Learning

17 Nov 2017, written by

The San Juan Island Library was awarded a grant to support English classes at the library for immigrants and non-native speakers of English. Adult learners will have the opportunity to study and practice English to help these adults integrate into community life. The program includes a partnership with the Family Resource Center, providing a children’s enrichment program, so the parents can focus on learning during the classes.

Island Stage Left – Equipment Upgrades/Replacement

17 Nov 2017, written by

Island Stage Left was awarded a grant to purchase a trailer and update lighting and audio equipment to make moves from venue to venue more efficient and less likely to damage costumes, props and technical equipment.

Family Umbrella Group – Preschool Scholarships

17 Nov 2017, written by

The Family Umbrella Group was awarded a grant to help provide preschool scholarships for individuals on their waiting list. Priority will be given to 4-year-olds who will be entering Kindergarten next year.

2018 Grant Application Deadline Dates

27 Sep 2017, written by

2018 Grant Application Deadline Dates: January 15, May 14 and September 17 by 5pm.

Our process requires a Pre-Application Meeting.  Please call us at (360) 378-1001 to schedule a meeting.  We would be happy to help you through the process.  Thank you!

Friday Harbor Elementary School – Summer Academy

08 Sep 2017, written by

Friday Harbor Elementary School was awarded a grant to provide summer school at FHES in 2017, providing thirty 1st-4th grade students with twelve extra days of instruction.

WA Vocational Services – 7th & 8th Grade Dream Builders

08 Sep 2017, written by

The Washington Vocational Services has been awarded a grant to provide a semester long curriculum to help 7th & 8th grade students with disabilities, and their parents, gain independence and transition smoothly into adulthood. Funding will provide a variety of tools from goal setting and self-management to building self-esteem, teamwork, communication, problem solving and more.

UW Friday Harbor Labs – K-12 Science Outreach Program

08 Sep 2017, written by

The Friday Harbor Labs were awarded a grant to provide a laptop, three micropipettes, electrophoresis power supply and a year’s worth of Xeroxing for the K-12 Science Outreach Program. Over 745 local students and 25 teachers from the SJI School District and Spring Street International School benefit from this program each year. The Friday Harbor Labs have been providing exciting, inquiry-based and relevant environmental science in the K-12 classrooms since 2001.