Recent Grants

Dream Builders – A Program for Special Needs Students

05 Jan 2015, written by

WA Vocational Services has been providing workforce development services in Washington State since 1976. Dream Builders will offer transition services and career education for Friday Harbor Middle School special needs students and their parents. Students will learn to communicate and understand their own needs and goals, as well as those of others. Parents will also gain support as their child navigates to adulthood.

Prescription Assistance Support

05 Jan 2015, written by

This grant supports a San Juan Island Family Resource Center program to provide emergency funding for prescription medications for uninsured and low-income residents. At the time of assistance, clients are also helped to enroll in low-cost or discount prescription plan for their needed medication, when available.

Emergency Rental Assistance Support

05 Jan 2015, written by

This program, administered by the SJI Family Resource Center, provides low-income island residents with a one-time emergency rental assistance in situations of homelessness or potential eviction. This program receives annual funding from the SJC Housing Bank. In 2015, funds available from the Housing Bank will be diminished by $4,000. This grant will help alleviate that shortfall.

Marine Science Education at Friday Harbor Labs

05 Jan 2015, written by

The UW Friday Harbor Labs has developed a set of hands-on projects specifically designed to complement and enhance the current science, technology, and math curriculum at local schools. This grant provides funding for the support of two marine science education programs for high school students, and one program for fourth graders.

Every 15 Minutes – A Nationally Recognized Program

05 Jan 2015, written by

The San Juan Island EMT Association has received funding for a program to conduct a real-life enactment of a DUI (driving under the influence) motor vehicle accident and involve all high school juniors and seniors. This exercise, patterned after the nationally recognized “Every 15 Minutes” program, challenges the students to think about drinking, driving, personal safety, the responsibility to make mature decisions and the impact their decisions have on family, friends, and others in the community. This program is presented every three years to ensure all Friday Harbor High School students participate in such a valuable experience.

Hospice of SJ Increases Training Opportunities

05 Jan 2015, written by

Hospice of San Juan has received funding for monthly education programs about self-care and the care of people with life-limiting illness. The yearlong training is open to hospice volunteers and the at-large community. Hospice leaders believe that ongoing training and education has a positive impact on end-of-life experience and use of the health care system and will best serve this community.

Women’s Fund 2014 Grants Total $25,000

11 Dec 2014, written by

Wow!! What a year for the Community Foundation’s Women’s Fund! This group of over 95 women in our community pool their resources and in 2014 through active grant making, have supported the following community programs with grants totaling $25,000:

  • Musical instrument repair and purchase for Band Families and Friends
  • Safety and communications equipment for the Madrona Institute Conservation Corps
  • Stair Lift for limited mobility visitors for the Whale Museum
  • Training & community programs for the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services
  • Critical safety project for the Friday Harbor Elementary School
  • Facility weatherization and repairs for the Family Resource Center
  • Outfitting Brickworks
  • An English language learning & children’s enrichment program at the San Juan Island Library
  • A critical training drill for Islands Oil Spill Association on the West Side of San Juan Island
  • Emergency prescription and rental assistance for the Family Resource Center
  • Comprehensive training for Hospice of San Juan
  • “Every 15 Minutes” Program – DUI accident re-enactment for high school students with the EMT Association
  • Science outreach program for the Friday Harbor Labs
  • Dream Builders program by Washington Vocational Services benefiting special needs students at Friday Harbor Middle School

The Women’s Fund is structured as a pooled donor advised fund of the Foundation with a minimum donation of $100. Members have the opportunity to broadly review grant applications that cover all areas of community need and vote to recommend funding.

To learn more, call the Foundation office at (360) 378-1001 or visit the Women’s Fund website –

Adult English Language Learning & Children’s Enrichment Program

29 Aug 2014, written by

The San Juan Island Library provides English Language Learning to help students learn to speak, read, and write English as well as meet each student’s individual goals – such as U.S. citizenship, a driver’s license, or a better job. During classes, the Library provides children’s enrichment programs to help children with reading and homework so that their parents are free to focus on English. This grant provides books, interactive materials, and other supplies to support this program.

Islands Oil Spill Drill for San Juan’s West Side

29 Aug 2014, written by

The west side of San Juan Island presents some unique challenges for responding to oil spills. Islands Oil Spill Association will hold a drill to specifically address crucial response training and site-specific concerns such as access points, open water booming, and rock bolt attachments.

Islands Oil Spill Training

29 Aug 2014, written by

Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response (Hazwoper) training is mandatory for oil spill responders and our island is potentially at risk for such spills. This training provides Islands Oil Spill Association volunteer responders and staff with the required skills to respond to and address the dangers from an oil spill.