Recent Grants

2018 Grant Application Deadline Dates

27 Sep 2017, written by

2018 Grant Application Deadline Dates: January 15, May 14 and September 17 by 5pm.

Our process requires a Pre-Application Meeting.  Please call us at (360) 378-1001 to schedule a meeting.  We would be happy to help you through the process.  Thank you!

Friday Harbor Elementary School – Summer Academy

08 Sep 2017, written by

Friday Harbor Elementary School was awarded a grant to provide summer school at FHES in 2017, providing thirty 1st-4th grade students with twelve extra days of instruction.

WA Vocational Services – 7th & 8th Grade Dream Builders

08 Sep 2017, written by

The Washington Vocational Services has been awarded a grant to provide a semester long curriculum to help 7th & 8th grade students with disabilities, and their parents, gain independence and transition smoothly into adulthood. Funding will provide a variety of tools from goal setting and self-management to building self-esteem, teamwork, communication, problem solving and more.

UW Friday Harbor Labs – K-12 Science Outreach Program

08 Sep 2017, written by

The Friday Harbor Labs were awarded a grant to provide a laptop, three micropipettes, electrophoresis power supply and a year’s worth of Xeroxing for the K-12 Science Outreach Program. Over 745 local students and 25 teachers from the SJI School District and Spring Street International School benefit from this program each year. The Friday Harbor Labs have been providing exciting, inquiry-based and relevant environmental science in the K-12 classrooms since 2001.

SJI EMT Association – Carbon Monoxide Education

08 Sep 2017, written by

The San Juan Island EMT Association was awarded a grant to provide printing and mailing costs for a bulk mailing to educate the community of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Friday Harbor Elementary School PTO – Pie Booth Remodel

27 Jun 2017, written by

The Friday Harbor Elementary School PTO pie booth structure was built in the 1970s as a means for the organization to fund-raise in the summer during the County Fair. The booth must be rebuilt as a mobile structure that can be driven on to the fairgrounds for the County Fair each year. A grant was awarded to fund a new double axle trailer large enough for the new pie booth to be built on.

Wolf Hollow – Harbor Seal Pup Rehabilitation

27 Jun 2017, written by

Wolf Hollow was awarded a grant to resume its rehabilitation program for small marine mammals in 2017. The funds will be used to purchase fish, vitamins, specialized formula and medical supplies to treat 5 injured and orphaned harbor seal pups. The majority of injured and orphaned animals, such as harbor seal pups, come to Wolf Hollow from coastlines in San Juan County and have suffered as a result of human interference and activity. In recent years, Wolf Hollow has treated an average of 10 harbor seal pups per season.

PADs – Training for Canine Detection of Parkinson’s Disease

27 Jun 2017, written by

PADs stands for Parkinson’s Alert Dogs. PADs for Parkinson’s was awarded a grant for financial support for Phase II of the project, which is to pay for training materials, brochure prep and printing and rent expenses. The project depends on having a contained physical location in which to work the dogs and store training samples in a clean and controlled environment.

Paideia Classical School – Scholarship Funds

27 Jun 2017, written by

For the last 16 years, Paideia has had 30 families in need of financial aid. For 10 years, they have utilized a third-party evaluator (Family Financial Needs Assessment) and Independent School Management Financial Aid for School Tuition (ISMFAST) to provide the school with financial aid recommendations. Paideia has been providing ISMFAST’s scholarship recommendation, up to 50% of the annual tuition, and after 10 years, scholarship funds have been depleted. Currently, Paideia has reduced the tuition received until funding can be raised to meet the ISMFAST recommendation. A grant was awarded for scholarship funds, which will help Paideia accommodate families in need of tuition assistance.

San Juan Community Theatre – Up Close

27 Jun 2017, written by

Up Close is an art project that pairs local artists with elders on San Juan Island. Composers, playwrights, choreographers, and poets will meet weekly with elder partners. The artists gather stories and engage their elder-partners directly in the creation of original creative work. The Community Theatre was awarded a grant for the process itself and for performances that will take place at the Theatre on September 15-17, 2017.