Recent Grants

Islands Oil Spill Drill for San Juan’s West Side

29 Aug 2014, written by

The west side of San Juan Island presents some unique challenges for responding to oil spills. Islands Oil Spill Association will hold a drill to specifically address crucial response training and site-specific concerns such as access points, open water booming, and rock bolt attachments.

Islands Oil Spill Training

29 Aug 2014, written by

Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response (Hazwoper) training is mandatory for oil spill responders and our island is potentially at risk for such spills. This training provides Islands Oil Spill Association volunteer responders and staff with the required skills to respond to and address the dangers from an oil spill.

A New Supply Trailer

29 Aug 2014, written by

Several of the supply trailers used by the Islands Oil Spill Association to store critical oil spill response gear have been in service for over 20 years and a new trailer is desperately needed for the Roche Harbor site. Supply trailers keep critical equipment ‘at the ready’ and reduce valuable response time to get oil spills contained and cleaned up safely and quickly.

Increasing Capacity & Efficiency

29 Aug 2014, written by

The Whale Museum’s orca adoptions and memberships have increased significantly since the launch of their new website last year and their membership database is stretched to manage this growth. An additional license will allow for greater efficiency and capacity for the organization.

Banner Year for Caring and Giving at the Fair

28 Aug 2014, written by

The Community Foundation was gratified by the amazing generosity of islanders last week at the 2014 San Juan County Fair when over $31,000 was donated to eight different projects featured in the matching program. This amount was raised in just the four days of the Fair!

The Foundation, in turn, (more…)

Brickworks support to sustainability

27 Jun 2014, written by

Finishing touches – flatware, dishes, glasses, tables, chairs – for Brickworks are needed to enable the Ag Guild to rent  the building and provide a sustainable source of income.

Training & Community Collaboration

27 Jun 2014, written by

Professional training for Sheriff deputies and Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault advocates. The training will cover victim assistance, how to respond to children at the scene, and building a community coordinated response to domestic violence.

Public Relations Materials

27 Jun 2014, written by

Support for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services to create, provide and distribute public awareness brochures and safety and educational posters and other public relations materials for the San Juan County community.

Fair Booth & Awareness Materials

27 Jun 2014, written by

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Services of the San Juan Islands will staff a booth at the County Fair to provide a variety of materials that distribute educational and contact information to as many homes as possible. These materials will raise awareness about domestic violence as well as publicize the crisis response number.

Discount Ferry Ticket Program

27 Jun 2014, written by

Island residents that must seek social and healthcare services on the mainland are often those who can least afford it. The Ferry Discount Program provides tickets that enable low-income individuals to travel to the mainland for medical appointments, unemployment, and other social services.