Recent Grants

Intro to Watersheds, San Juan Nature Institute

30 Sep 2015, written by

San Juan Nature Institute was awarded a grant of $4,800 for their Introduction to Watersheds program. This SJNI program will develop a strong sense of responsibility and stewardship for kids in Grades 1-6 through thematic lessons about watersheds, soil and water conservation. This project is a part of the San Juan Island school program “Partners in Science”.

Wilderness First Aid Training for SJI Conservation Corps

01 Jun 2015, written by

The Madrona Institute has received funding to provide Wilderness First Aid training offered through the local San Juan Island EMS to the SJI Conservation Corps high school crew and its team leaders. Local youth crews work on local lands for two months over the summer learning environmental stewardship, leadership and job skills. Certification in WFA will enhance leadership skills. The grant award also includes funds for a tablet to aid in crew field monitoring.

Replacement Boat for the FHHS Sailing Team

01 Jun 2015, written by

Due to changes by the NW Interscholastic Sailing Association, the San Juan Island Sailing Foundation is seeking to replace their current sailing fleet of Vanguard 15s with Flying Juniors (FJs) dinghies. These new boats will provide the San Juan Island high school sailing team with the opportunity to competitively practice their sailing skills. In addition, islanders and summer residents will be able to sail FJs though the sailing lessons program offered through Island Rec. The Community Foundation is funding the acquisition of one new FJs sailing dinghy.

Our Common Bond – PIMC Cancer Care Support Group

12 Feb 2015, written by

The Peace Island Medical Center Cancer Care Center has received funding to launch a support group for cancer patients and survivors on San Juan Island. The “Our Common Bond” program addresses the needs of cancer patients and survivors, giving them the opportunity to gather in a supportive and caring environment over shared meals. It is anticipated this program will introduce participants to one another and create an on-going social and supportive network outside of the clinical setting.

Friday Harbor Film Festival Launches Film Society

12 Feb 2015, written by

Launched in 2013, the Friday Harbor Film Festival has presented both island residents and tourists with documentary films that entertain, enlighten, and inspire. This year, the Friday Harbor Film Festival will be establishing the FHFF Film Society, a membership-based program to enable self-sustainability of the annual festival and its programs into the future. This grant provides funding for the direct mailing portion of the Film Society program.

Friday Harbor Household Essentials Program

12 Feb 2015, written by

The San Juan Island Family Resource Center has received funding for a pilot project that will provide household cleaning and personal hygiene supplies for 50 vetted low-income families with young children. This new program will also serve as an information gateway to assess the family needs for other services such as free/low cost health insurance, parenting support, and transportation assistance that are provided by the SJI Family Resource Center.

Dream Builders – A Program for Special Needs Students

05 Jan 2015, written by

WA Vocational Services has been providing workforce development services in Washington State since 1976. Dream Builders will offer transition services and career education for Friday Harbor Middle School special needs students and their parents. Students will learn to communicate and understand their own needs and goals, as well as those of others. Parents will also gain support as their child navigates to adulthood.

Prescription Assistance Support

05 Jan 2015, written by

This grant supports a San Juan Island Family Resource Center program to provide emergency funding for prescription medications for uninsured and low-income residents. At the time of assistance, clients are also helped to enroll in low-cost or discount prescription plan for their needed medication, when available.

Emergency Rental Assistance Support

05 Jan 2015, written by

This program, administered by the SJI Family Resource Center, provides low-income island residents with a one-time emergency rental assistance in situations of homelessness or potential eviction. This program receives annual funding from the SJC Housing Bank. In 2015, funds available from the Housing Bank will be diminished by $4,000. This grant will help alleviate that shortfall.

Marine Science Education at Friday Harbor Labs

05 Jan 2015, written by

The UW Friday Harbor Labs has developed a set of hands-on projects specifically designed to complement and enhance the current science, technology, and math curriculum at local schools. This grant provides funding for the support of two marine science education programs for high school students, and one program for fourth graders.