Community Needs Task Force 2015


We are glad you chose to get more information about this project and hope you will participate.

Our kickoff “stakeholder meeting” took place on March 30, but it’s not too late to join one or more of the workgroups after you’ve had a chance to read the information below.

What is the Community Needs Task Force?
The Community Needs Task Force is a project initiated by the Community Foundation to strengthen the community by asking individuals, nonprofits, agencies, and business leaders to generate and discuss topics pertaining to the needs of our community, explore sustainable solutions, and suggest action plans that address some of the unmet needs. This 3 month-long project seeks to cultivate connections among the many organizations that serve San Juan Islanders, build relationships, share information, and ultimately inform the Foundation’s grants process.

What is the structure of the project?
The project will consist of 8 individual workgroups, which each meet 3 times over the course of 2 months. The output of those groups will be analyzed by the Foundation over the following month, and a report summarizing its findings will be prepared and disseminated to the participants and the community at large. It will also serve to inform and guide the Foundation’s grants process.

What are the workgroups?
• Social Services, Chaired by Jennifer Armstrong
• Our Environment, Chaired by Jennifer Thomas
• Education – Secondary through College, Chaired by June Arnold
• Early Childhood Education – Birth to Grade 6, Chaired by Becky Bell
• Our Food Supply, Chaired by Mike Pickett
• Housing, Chaired by Kim Bryan
• Community Service, Chaired by Lori Stokes
• Emergency Preparedness, Chaired by Beth Williams Gieger.

What can I expect from these meetings?
You can expect to learn what other organizations are doing, and what they are hoping to do. You can expect to find new partners for your own projects and ideas. You will learn about what is going on in different areas of the community, and be part of a group that is solution-focused.

What do you expect from me as a participant?
Your expertise in caring for a certain segment of our community is of great value. We want to gain your knowledge, ideas, hopes, challenges, and ideas.

Why is the Foundation doing this?
The Foundation serves as a trusted resource for the nonprofit community and donors through its work in many areas of need in the community. We achieve this by working with numerous organizations to help them achieve their goals and by gathering and understanding community needs directly from those who are interested, involved, and affected. Expanded opportunities for grant awards may result from this intensive process.

What is the meeting schedule?
Each workgroup will meet for 2 hours, 3 times total, during the months of April and May. Click here to see the entire Community Needs Task Force schedule. Click here to see each workgroup’s meeting schedule.

Do I need to attend every meeting?
In order to achieve a significant goal in a short amount of time, each meeting has been designed to build upon the ideas and actions from the previous meeting and, for the sake of continuity and respect for your fellow participants, it is hoped that you plan to attend all three sessions.

Will the final report be a public document?
Yes. The final report will be made available on the Foundation’s website.

Who will benefit from this project?
Everyone seeking to strengthen the community will benefit from this project. The Foundation and its donors hope to gain a better understanding of unmet needs, and organizations will build relationships and share information with one another.

How can I help?
You can help by participating in a workgroup of interest. Other ideas? Email Michel Vekved, Project Coordinator, at

Who do I contact if I would like more information?
You can contact the Foundation office at 378-1001, or call Michel Vekved at 298-8268 or email her at

We’re looking forward to hearing from you – or seeing you at one or more of the workgroups !!

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