Community Needs Task Force Report

The 2015 Community Needs Task Force was a project assembled by the San Juan Island Community Foundation to follow up on the work of its Critical Needs Task Force in 2009. The primary purpose of the project was to inform the Community Foundation, its donors, and the community at large of the most pressing community needs over the next five years.

More than 120 community members participated in 24 meetings among 8 workgroups. These meetings facilitated roundtable discussions that identified the most current and pressing community needs and identified strategic, sustainable solutions to meet those needs. Each workgroup addressed one of the following areas: Housing, Our Food Supply, Education: Secondary-College, Emergency Preparedness, Social Services, Education: Early Childhood, Our Environment, and Community Services. Additional areas of need such as healthcare, transportation, community arts and recreation can also be found in the report.

CNTF Report:

CNTF 2016 Update:

The results outlined in the report provide a broad view of our community needs. These findings do not imply in any way that the Community Foundation will develop solutions and/or find funding for those solutions. Many of the strategies are long-term and will require local organizations and dedicated citizens to spearhead further action. The Community Foundation will assist in the coordination of those activities.

We plan to continue the momentum with steering committees meeting in the near future, and, in fact, some groups have already taken it upon themselves to begin this process. While the Community Foundation may initiate these meetings, we expect those organizations that are prominent stakeholders in an area of need to carry the momentum forward to organize, collaborate and put solutions into action.  Tell us how you’d like to become involved as we continue to work with caring citizens and dedicated organizations in coming months and years. Call us at 360-378-1001, or email at

We are very thankful to all those who participated in this process. The Community Foundation looks forward to continuing the conversation, and working together to strengthen our community.

Our thanks to all of you!
Board of Directors
San Juan Island Community Foundation


Click here to download a print version of the report.

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