Contribute to Your Fund

You may contribute assets to your Fund at any time.  In order to qualify for IRS tax exemption rules, all contributed assets become the property of the Foundation.  A wide variety of asset types may be donated.

Asset Types

  • Cash (Electronic Funds Transfer, Wires, Checks)
  • Publically Traded Stocks & Bonds (Electronic Transfer, Delivery of Paper Shares)
  • Treasury Notes
  • Non-Publically Traded Stocks (Custom delivery planning required)
  • Real Estate
  • Real Property
  • Other Assets (Life Insurance Benefits, Testamentary Gifts, IRA Rollovers)

Contribution Policies

Certain Foundation Policies apply to contributions to a Fund.

Asset Transfer Instructions & Form (equities, t-notes etc…)

How to Transfer Assets to your Fund.

Notice of Contribution Form (all assets including checks)

In every case the Notice of Contribution Form should be completed and delivered to our office or mailed to POBox 1352, Friday Harbor, WA  98250.

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