Designated Funds

Donors with strong ties to one or more organizations or institutions may wish to establish a Designated Fund to directly support specific nonprofit organizations or institutions. Designated Funds can specify one or more nonprofits and designate the timing and the amount of the grants made to each. The advantages to a donor are that full and immediate tax benefits occur on the date of the transfer of the assets to the Foundation while the beneficiaries receive grants over time.

Designated Funds are established both for planned lifetime giving and for the implementation of one’s final requests through a will. The Foundation is able to manage a long term giving plan matched to the specific wishes of the donor.

Designated Funds are sometimes established by the target organization itself (often called Agency or Nonprofit Funds). These funds benefit from the public exposure that the Foundation provides which can increase the level of public and private donations and provide for the investment management of those funds over time. Current examples are the Public Schools Foundation Fund, The Mullis Senior Center Fund and the Friends of the San Juan Public Library Fund. The Foundation works closely with these organizations and has actively supported their project-oriented funding.

Create your own Designated Fund:

You can establish a Designated Fund that reflects your lifetime and/or your testamentary wishes. First, please call the office at (360) 378-1001 to make an appointment with the Foundation Executive Team who will assist you in configuring your fund to conform to your philanthropic goals. The Create a New Fund Application is available online along with the Fund Terms & Conditions documents for your review. These documents can also be obtained, along with the current Fund Fee Schedule, from the office. In person consultations with the Foundation are always free of charge and completely confidential.

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