Donor Advised Funds

For those who wish the maximum flexibility and control of their donations while receiving optimum tax advantages, the Foundation’s Donor Advised Fund is the perfect vehicle. Designed for donors who want to take an active role in their giving, the Donor Advised Fund, often established in an individual’s or family’s name, is managed by the Foundation at the direction of the designated advisor/donor. The donor can request grant support for different organizations, community projects or areas of interest and specify the amounts and timing of the awards so as to reflect the changing and/or expanding personal interests of the donor.

Donor Advised Funds are the fastest growing portion of the Foundation’s portfolio and comprise the primary source of funds for the majority of our annual grant programs. The Foundation can provide its expertise to help target giving in a way that maximizes the impact and sustainability of every gift.

Donor Advised Funds offer a simple alternative to a family forming its own foundation while providing for reduced costs, reduced hassles and increased tax benefits.

Create your own Donor Advised Fund:

You can establish a personal Donor Advised Fund that reflects your mission, your values and your vision. Creating your own fund links you to a comprehensive planning and information program that experience shows changes your philanthropic effectiveness in positive and impactful ways. See the Foundation’s comprehensive Donor Services Menu to the right for details.

A minimum balance of $5,000 is needed to start a Donor Advised fund. The Fund may be endowed or not based upon your desire to preserve the principal or to spend down the entire fund. If the fund is not endowed, the Foundation requires that the donor replenish the fund to at least the minimum balance annually. See Fundholder FAQs for more details on endowed versus non-endowed funds.

If you wish to establish a Donor Advised Fund, please call the office at (360) 378-1001 to make an appointment with the executive team. The Create a New Fund Application is available online along with the Fund Terms & Conditions for your review. These forms can also be obtained, along with the current Fund Fee Schedule, from the office


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