Fundholder FAQs

How can I make a grant recommendation from my fund?

Donor advisors may recommend a grant electronically.   Or, alternatively, a Recommend A Grant Form (pdf ) may be downloaded, printed, completed, signed and  returned to the Foundation Office by mail ~ PO Box 1352, Friday Harbor, WA 98250 or, in person ~ 640 Mullis Street, Suite 104, Friday Harbor. (360) 378-1001.  If preferred, call the office and we will be happy to supply you with this form.

How are grant recommendations approved?

All grant recommendations are reviewed by the Foundation Grants Committee on a monthly basis. Grant recommendations are reviewed for compliance with the terms of the donor’s Fund and qualification of the proposed grantee. By Foundation policy, verified grant requests under $5,000 may be awarded by the Grants Committee while recommendations over $5,000 are passed to the full Foundation Board for approval.   The full Board meets quarterly. Expedited processing of a grant is possible and usually entails an additional fee. The minimum expedited time is two weeks.  

How long does it take before a grant check is issued?

Grant checks are usually issued within 7 days of approval (see previous question on approval). Expedited service can be arranged and will entail an extra one-time fee due to the additional out-of-cycle administrative overhead.

What assets can I give to the Foundation?

A wide variety of assets can be gifted to the Foundation. In general, any asset that can be converted to cash (a Foundation policy requirement) can be gifted. The simplest are: cash, credit card, stocks & bonds. Refer to Transfer Assets for further information. Please call the office at (360) 378-1001 for instructions.

How do I transfer stocks or bonds to the Foundation?

Stocks and bond gifts should be transferred as specified in the instructions on the “Transfer Assets” page. It is important to call the office at (360) 378-1001 to notify the Foundation before executing an electronic transfer.

Can I use my fund to buy a ticket to a charity event?

No. Since the donor would be receiving a benefit using tax advantaged gifts, the IRS prohibits this use.

Can I recommend that grants be made anonymously?

Yes. One of the common uses of a donor advised fund is to protect anonymity. Confidentiality is paramount to the work of the Foundation.

How current is my fund balance?

The SJICF website permits donors to login and see their last quarterly statement. Internal fund balances are kept monthly and can be accessed by phoning the office at (360) 378-1001. It may take a day or two to respond to such a request.

When are administrative fees assessed?

Administrative fees are applied monthly on the current fund balance based upon the annualized rate.

How soon are my donations/contributions posted to my account?

Donations are usually processed within 72 hours depending on the form of asset gifted.

How often is my account statement issued?

Account statements are issued on a quarterly basis, usually within two weeks of the end of the previous quarter.

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