Life Insurance Charitable Beneficiaries

Life insurance offers a unique way of saving with modest payments for an eventual significant philanthropic gift to charity. As a designated beneficiary, the Community Foundation can serve as central vehicle for the execution of your final wishes. As with your Will, a separate Letter of Instruction, on file with the Foundation, can direct the eventual distribution of those benefits. Since that Letter of Instruction can be updated at any time during your life, you are freed from the burden and cost of updating the beneficiaries of your life insurance policies. And, because the Community Foundation will continue in-perpetuity, your final wishes can continue to be managed over time to insure maximum impact and appropriate attribution.

Ways to Gift Life Insurance

  • Name the Community Foundation as your primary beneficiary
  • Name the Community Foundation as your successor beneficiary
  • Donate an existing or new policy to the Community Foundation

Target Community Foundation Funds

You can direct your life insurance benefit to a specific fund:

Give Broadly

Giving Broadly allows you to donate to our community’s most critical projects and needs using the combined experience of the Foundation and its Board to direct your money wisely.

Donor Advised Funds

Offer a donor the most flexibility and control of their giving, planning and execution. Donors can take advantage of custom gift planning consults without charge.

Designated Funds

Designated Funds can be established to specifically benefit the work of one or more non-profit organizations.

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds leave long lasting benefits to individuals and their community by supporting the pursuit of higher education and career training. You can create your own or contribute to one of the existing offerings.

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