Ongoing Giving

The Foundation’s central mission is to “connect donors that care with projects that matter”.  Most donors will benefit from the Foundation’s extensive knowledge of community organizations and their projects.  With this knowledge, a donor can plan and select projects that best fit their passion and make the most impact in the community.  The following methods are available to achieve on-going giving, depending on the level of involvement that the donor wishes to have.

Donor Advised Funds

Offer a donor the most flexibility and control of their giving, planning and execution. A Donor Advised Fund is the preferred option for most philanthropists who give on a regular basis.

Give Broadly

One of the most powerful ways to support our community with your generous gifts are by selecting one of the following funds which are used by the Foundation’s Board to give broadly to the community.

Foundation Funds

An outright gift to an existing Foundation fund can offer a direct option to achieve your philanthropic goals.

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds leave long lasting benefits to the individuals and their community by supporting the pursuit of higher education and career training.  You can create your own or, contribute to an existing fund.

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