Plan Your Giving

As with many things in life, a planned approach can lead to increased effectiveness with significantly reduced costs. So too, with charitable giving. The Community Foundation can work directly with you or, with you and your financial and legal advisors to create a giving plan that achieves your philanthropic goals and helps meet the current needs in our community. Often planned giving during your life will merge seamlessly with your Estate and Legacy philanthropy plan for optimum impact and efficiency.

The Community Foundation provides the following planned giving tools:

Donor Advised Funds

One of the most flexible and customizable tool is a Donor Advised Fund. All asset classes can be added to a donor advised fund over time and both short term and long term distribution requests can be established and changed at any time by the specified donor advisor(s). This type of fund is also an excellent way to get the entire family involved in lifetime of giving. Successor advisors can be appointed to continue the Fund for generations to come. Immediate tax advantages make this a very attractive tool.

Designated Funds

Designated Funds can be established to benefit one or more non-profit organizations with grants from your Fund. Grants can be in any amounts or percentages and can be scheduled over any time course that you choose. Designated Funds are perfect for those who can do all of their planning up front and who wish simplicity in execution. As with all Community Foundation funds, this option can offer significant tax benefits.

Charitable Trusts

Donors may wish to establish charitable trusts that provide tax benefits while providing lifetime payouts. You may choose a Charitable Remainder Trust which pays out a predetermined amount back to you each year with the residual of the trust passing to the Community Foundation to be used for its ongoing charitable work. You may also choose a Charitable Lead Trust which pays out predetermined amounts to specified charities through the Foundation during your life with the residual paid to specified beneficiaries which could include family and the Community Foundation.

Life Insurance Charitable Beneficiaries

You can include the Community Foundation as a beneficiary on your life insurance with instructions on how to use those benefits for charitable works.

IRA Charitable Rollover

If you are 70½ you can roll your IRA tax free to charitable Foundation Funds.

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