Charitable Trusts

Charitable trusts are created to enable your giving plans with the benefit from certain tax advantages. The Foundation applies an administration fee for each of these trust vehicles.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

  • Charitable remainder trusts provide regular payments to the donor or beneficiary for a fixed term up to 20 years or life. After that term, the trust ends and trust assets are distributed to the Foundation.
  • A charitable remainder trust must be in writing and is irrevocable.
  • Tax benefits may be available at the time of establishment

Charitable Lead Trusts

  • Charitable lead trusts enable a donor to make charitable gifts now while providing for the eventual transfer of substantial assets to the Foundation.
  • The Foundation receives annual payments from the trust.
  • The donor may specify the distribution of funds to non-profits, a donor advised fund or to one of the Foundation Funds.
  • When the trust terminates, its remaining assets can be distributed to children, others, and/or the Foundation. Applicable gift and estate taxes are reduced or sometimes eliminated.

Please call the Foundation Executive Team for further information on charitable trusts. We encourage donors to work with their professional advisors in planning and creating all planned giving vehicles and we will be pleased to meet with you and your advisors without charge.


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