Foundation Funds

A variety of existing Funds make up the core of the Community Foundation. Many of these may be suitable to donors who wish to express their philanthropic wishes without forming their own fund. Each of these can receive contributions from registered Foundation Fundholders as well as the general public.

  • Healthy Community Fund – The Healthy Community Fund is the Foundation’s primary granting fund which, based on the expertise of the Board, is awarded to those projects and organizations demonstrating the most critical need and the best ability to implement the project. Areas-of-Interest can be specified in a contribution to this fund (Arts, Education, Social Needs, Environment, Health & Wellness, Economy or Community Infrastructure).
  • The Endowment – The Foundation’s general Endowment provides sustainable awards based upon
  • The Women’s Fund – The Women’s Fund is a pooled Donor Advised Fund of the Foundation which through member contributions maintains a fund for the purpose of local granting opportunities.
  • SJICF Career Training Fund  – This program provides funds for local career training education.
  • Foundation Operations Fund – The Operations Fund supports broadly the work of the Foundation by supporting the infrastructure that makes all of the Foundation’s programs happen.

Ways to Contribute to a Foundation Fund:

For the General Public:

  • Donate Now Buttons – Give directly using a credit card via the donate now buttons on this website.
  • Cash/Check Donations – Direct contributions to the Foundation.
  • Phone in Credit Card Donations – A convenient alternative.
  • Special Contributions – Often individuals contact us about one-time gifts that might be made through their planned giving or estate legacy gifts.

For Foundation Fundholders:

Donors with registered accounts at the Foundation can donate through their own Funds in addition to the options available to the general public.

  • Recommend a Grant from Your Fund – You may request a grant be made from your own Fund to one of the Foundation Funds. (See Manage Your Account>Recommend a Grant)
  • Donate Now Buttons – The DONATE NOW buttons on this website allow you to use your credit card to make an immediate impact with add-on giving.
  • Special Gifts – Registered Donors may decide that they are inspired to create a totally custom gift that is tailored to your way of giving. The Foundation executive team is always available to help you plan that high-impact special gift that will really make a difference in our community. Please call (360) 378-10001 to arrange a time to meet and discuss your priorities and their implementation.


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