Scholarship Funds

Helping our citizens achieve their educational goals is one of the highest purposes of philanthropy. Scholarships not only benefit the individual but also significantly contribute to the healthy community that we all want to live in. You may give to one of the Foundation’s Scholarship Funds or you may create your own.

Give To A Scholarship Fund:

Currently active scholarship funds that can receive contributions are:

  • The John Volk Memorial Scholarship Fund – For support of students wishing to pursue a career in an aviation related field.
  • SJICF Scholarship Fund -Provides scholarship awards to San Juan Island residents wishing to further their education in an accredited community college, two-year college, four-year college or university, graduate school program, or vocational/career program.

You may give to these funds using your credit card, check or transfer of other assets both online (Giving Center or using the Notice of Contribution Form) or directly by contacting the office at 378-1001.

Foundation Fundholders may recommend a grant to these programs from their own fund.

Create your own Scholarship Fund:

You can establish a scholarship fund that reflects your values and that helps create through education, your vision of the people and community in which we live. Scholarship Funds are highly regulated under federal law and IRS policies to prevent misuse through conflict-of-interest. The Foundation assumes the burden of compliance with these regulations. A minimum balance of $50,000 is required to start a scholarship fund. Annual fees help cover the cost of administering these programs.

The Foundation’s scholarship candidate review and selection process is carried out under the auspices of the Board of Directors in committees that contain a majority of board members with the possible appointment of outside advisors.

If you wish to establish a scholarship fund, please call the office at (360) 378-1001 to make an appointment with the executive team. The Create a New Fund Application is available online along with the Fund Terms & Conditions and Scholarship Guidelines & Procedures documents. These can also be obtained from the office 378-1001, along with the current Fund Fee Schedule.



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