FAQs for Professional Advisors

What services do you provide for me and my clients?

An entire section of our website is dedicated to this answer; please refer to “For Professional Advisors”.

What information can I give my clients about the Foundation?

Available for download, are a variety of reports and brochures covering the Community Foundation’s work and finances. We suggest starting with an introduction to our website, read our Annual Reports and Newsletters and then make a joint appointment for you, your client and a member of the Foundation Executive Team at (360) 378-1001.

What are your most popular funds?

For personalized control our Donor Advised Funds are the vehicle of choice. For broad giving our Healthy Community Fund is the most popular. These funds are carefully managed to support the most critical causes in our community.

Why shouldn’t my client give directly to the organization(s) they wish to support?

The Community Foundation offers unparalleled knowledge of community issues and nonprofits and our philanthropic expertise can help your client make the most of every dollar donated. Our broad range of financial vehicles, asset types and fund types make it easy to make a contribution or to set up a fund. In some cases, these options also provide tax advantages.

As a financial advisor, can I consult with the Foundation Executive Team?

Yes, most certainly. We encourage ongoing conversations to discuss how we may be of service to you and your clients. With an all-volunteer board, consultations are always free of charge.

Why should my client establish a fund rather than create a private foundation?

A Donor Advised Fund provides all of the control and flexibility that most donors require along with vastly decreased administrative overhead and costs. Setting up a fund through the Community Foundation often can provide enhanced tax benefits as well. Please see “Simple Alternative to Private Foundations”.

My client would like to terminate a private foundation. Can you help?

Yes. It is common for family foundations to convert to a community foundation donor advised fund in order to reduce costs and administrative overhead while taking advantage of the community foundation’s grantmaking expertise. Please call the Community Foundation’s Executive Team at (360) 378-1001 for an appointment.

How can the Foundation help my client with the charitable aspects (legacy) of their estate plans?

The Foundation provides a variety of planning and execution services that may help you and your client optimize an estate plan for maximum impact in the community. Please visit the Estate & Legacy Planning page.

Can the Foundation serve as a trustee of my client’s charitable remainder trust or charitable lead trust?

Yes. The Foundation would be pleased to serve as the trustee to your trust that includes the Foundation as the beneficiary.