General FAQs

What is the San Juan Island Community Foundation?

We are a tax-exempt, independent, public charity created by and for San Juan Islanders that seeks to ensure the long-term health of our community by:
  • supporting projects and programs that benefit our citizens, meet community needs and test new ideas and,
  • awarding educational scholarships to deserving San Juan Island students.
Unlike most other charitable organizations that exist to support the needs of a single cause, the Community Foundation helps many of our local non-profits carry out their work in our community.  We apply our funds to as many local needs as possible. There are more than 700 community foundations across the United States with combined assets of about $35 billion.

How does the Community Foundation work?

The Foundation seeks to identify and address the broad array of needs in our community.
  • We work with nearly every local, nonprofit organization and provide development assistance, administrative and program help and grant funds to carefully vetted projects.
  • We serve as an advisor to donors and help match donor interests with community need.
  • We stay connected to every funded project and seek maximum and efficient use of all granted funds.
We seek to support a high quality of life for all in our community.

Where does the Community Foundation get its funds?

Contributions of all sizes are received from major donors, individuals, families and businesses. Our donors have varied interests, a strong sense of community and a commitment to philanthropy. We receive no support from taxes or grants.

Are there fees on contributions?

A fee applies to online credit card donations. The Foundation uses PayPal. Donations received by mail do not incur the credit card fee. There is also a small administrative fee applied to all donations.  Please contact the office at (360) 378-1001 for the current fee schedule.

How does the Foundation invest its funds?

Funds are pooled according to duration. The primary fund is invested for a long term return. Funds are held with a fiduciary agent and invested according to a Board approved investment policy. The Foundation Finance Committee regularly reviews performance and develops investment policies that are ultimately passed by the Board.

Are gifts to the Community Foundation tax-deductible?

All gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the furthest extent of charitable giving laws and regulations.

Is this site secure?

Standard, industry accepted methods are used to ensure website security. Online donations are made through PayPal which uses its standard measures to ensure account information security. While the Foundation will continue to adhere to industry standards for online access, we cannot ultimately guarantee total security. We are prepared to make special off-line arrangements with any donor who is uncomfortable with online access.