John Volk Memorial Scholarship

John Volk was a positive force in our community for many years; his life was characterized by friendship, leadership, and community service. Whatever he was doing, it always seemed that it was in some way helping others. He was a volunteer firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician for decades. Dozens of islanders can tell stories of how John helped out, in ways big and small, and most of these stories are about help that wasn’t asked for and just came naturally for John.

John’s brightly colored Cessna was a frequent sight in our skies. He was active in Angel Flight, and was a founding member of the San Juan Eagles, a volunteer group of local pilots who fly cancer patients to the mainland for treatment. As the president of the San Juan Pilots Association, John was active in addressing aviation safety concerns throughout the region. And he regularly used his own airplane to transport his wife, an EMT instructor, throughout San Juan County, so she could ensure that each island had well-trained medical staff.

The goal is to honor John’s memory by encouraging others to follow his example, and by giving them the tools to do so.  In pursuit of this goal, the San Juan Pilots Association has established the John Volk Memorial Scholarship Fund at the Community Foundation to provide financial assistance to students pursuing a career in aviation related field.

Your gift will help local students get a start on an aviation career.

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