Giving Center

Your donation to a permanent Foundation fund, a broad program area, or to a specific project will have lasting impact. Thank you for your generosity.

Give to Area of Greatest Need Use the Foundation's knowledge of the community to direct your gift where it's needed most.
Give to a Fund or Project Make a donation to a Foundation fund or specific project.
Health and WellnessPersonal health is fundamental to building and maintaining all aspects of a healthy community. Without good physical and emotional health, individuals cannot be effective participants in society.Give Now Basic Social
Failing to meet the basic needs of all citizens not only jeopardizes an individual’s quality of life, but also creates more costly and complex problems for our community over time.Give Now
Good citizens are made and lives are enriched by quality education. Access to a wide-range of educational opportunities is important for people of all ages.Give Now
Accessible, dependable and relevant infrastructure supports quality of life for individuals and families and is necessary for a healthy economy.Give Now
The Arts
Art inspires, informs and engages us to think creatively. Creative expression is fundamental to the human experience. Help the arts prosper in a changing world. Give Now
Join us in supporting the environment of the San Juan Islands. It is essential to our identity, lifestyle and our economy.Give Now

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