Scholarship Awards Announced

08 Jul 2014, written by

The Community Foundation is pleased to announce its award of scholarships for the 2014/2015 academic year to former and present San Juan Island high school students. Awards totaled $152,000 and were made to continuing college students, high school students graduating this year, and individuals pursuing career training.

The following renewable awards have been made to graduates of Friday Harbor High School, Spring Street International School, and home schooled students.

Inskeep Scholarship Fund: (one year awards based upon exceptional need and demonstrating excellent promise to succeed)

The following students were previous recipients of Inskeep Scholarships and have been awarded another scholarship for the 2014-2015 academic year:

Clara Brand, Western Washington University: $4,000
Amanda Brast, Oregon State University: $5,000
Ashleigh Brown, Central Washington University: $4,000
Diana Eisenhauer, University of Washington: $9,000
Lita Gislason, Western Washington University: $5,000
Elle Guard, Baylor University: $10,000
Gavin Guard, Whitman College: $5,000
Jennifer MacDonald, Western Washington University: $5,000
Emma McMain, Pacific University: $4,000
Miranda McPadden, Washington State University: $5,000
Shanti Neff-Baro, Pomona College: $4,000
Audrey Olshefsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: $10,000
Brett Paul, Gonzaga University: $6,000
Connar Smith, California Polytechnic State University: $10,000
Hannah Sundberg, Northwest University: $7,000
Sierra Truesdale, Western Washington University: $6,000
Malcolm Wynn, Washington State University: $4,000

The following students graduated this June and have been selected to receive Inskeep Scholarship awards:

Emma Brand, University of Washington: $2,000
Otis Cooper-West, University of Washington: $2,000
Kate Fenley, University of Washington: $2,000
Emily Guard, Baylor University: $2,000
Jacklyn Justiniano, Oregon State University: $4,000
Madeline Marinkovich, University of Washington: $5,000
Isabel Place, University of Washington: $2,000
Alaina Scheffer, Western Washington University: $5,000
Julianne Schreiber, Western Washington University: $5,000
Ellery Von Dassow, Western Washington University: $2,000
Nelson Wynn, University of Washington: $2,000

The Inskeep Scholarship Fund was established by a generous donation made by the late Jerry Inskeep who deeply appreciated the helping hand that he received enabling him to attend college. He left a legacy through the San Juan Island Community Foundation that will provide a permanent source of funds for the education of our island’s children.

SJICF Scholarship Fund:

The following awards were made:

Andrew Anderson, Grand Canyon University, Master’s Degree: $10,000
Amy Dunaway, Whatcom Community College, Associate Degree: $3,000

The SJICF Scholarship Fund was established through generous donations to the San Juan Island Community Foundation to provide San Juan Island residents scholarships for community college, two-year college, four-year college or university, graduate school programs, or vocational/career programs.

John Volk Memorial Scholarship Fund: (A program of the San Juan Pilots Association)

The following award was made:

Levi Demaris, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University: $3,000

The John Volk Memorial Scholarship honors one of our finest citizens who served us all through his tireless volunteer service, both on the ground and in the air.

The Community Foundation serves as a nonprofit philanthropic umbrella organization helping donors, nonprofits and public organizations to achieve their goals through direct grants, organizational assistance and philanthropic resource management. For further information please contact us at PO Box 1352, Friday Harbor, WA 98250. The office is located in the Technology Center, 640 Mullis St. Friday Harbor; Phone 378-1001.

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