SJICF Awards $164,000 in College Scholarships for 2017-2018

15 Jun 2017, written by

L to R: Isabella Brown, Nayaleah Tucker-Belt, Andrew Stromberg, Hayden Mayer, Alexa Mora, Beatrice Grauman-Boss, Corbin Williams (Not pictured: Joseph Stewart, Kai Herko, Eli Cooper-West, Griffin Cuomo)

Twelve graduating seniors from Friday Harbor High School and one graduating senior from Spring Street International School were awarded scholarships for the 2017/2018 academic year from two different funds held at the San Juan Island Community Foundation.

Inskeep Legacy Scholarship Fund

Isabella Brown, Santa Clara University, $3,000

Eli Cooper-West, University of Washington, $3,000

Griffin Cuomo, Chapman University, $7,000

Beatrice Grauman-Boss , Wellesley College, $3,000

Kai Herko, Clark University, $5,000

Hayden Mayer, Western Washington University, $4,000

Alexa Mora, Central Washington University, $4,000

Joseph Stewart, Gonzaga University, $3,000

Andrew Stromberg, University of Dayton, $4,000

Nayaleah Tucker-Belt, University of Hawaii, $5,000

Corbin Williams, University of Washington, $3,000

Total New Inskeep Applicants: $44,000

The Inskeep Legacy Scholarship Fund was established by a generous donation made by the late Jerry Inskeep, who deeply appreciated the helping hand that he received enabling him to attend college.  He left a legacy through the San Juan Island Community Foundation that will provide a permanent source of funds for the education of our island’s students.

SJICF Scholarship Fund

Blythe Parker, Midwives College of Utah, $4,000

 The SJICF Scholarship Fund was established through generous donations to the San Juan Island Community Foundation to provide San Juan Island residents with scholarships for community college, two-year college, four-year college or university, graduate school programs, or vocational/career programs.

John Volk Memorial Scholarship Fund Renewals:

Levi Demaris, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, $3,500

Grace Willows, Georgia Tech, $3,000

The John Volk Memorial Scholarship Fund was established and is administered by the San Juan Island Pilots Association and honors one of our finest citizens who served us all through his tireless volunteer service, both on the ground and in the air.

Marcia L. Zakarison M.D. Scholarship Fund

Isabella Brown, Santa Clara University, $500

Morgan Timmons, Washington State University, $500

This scholarship is provided in the name of Dr. Marcia Zakarison, a local physician, who believed that every young person should have an equal opportunity to receive the best education possible. This scholarship is for graduating high school seniors, on San Juan Island, pursuing a career in human medicine.

Inskeep Legacy Scholarship Renewals

The following students were previous recipients of Inskeep Legacy Scholarships and have been awarded another one-year scholarship for the 2017-2018 academic year:

Emma Brand, University of Washington, $2,000

Amanda Brast, Seattle Pacific University, $10,000

Otis Cooper-West, University of Washington, $2,000

Melanie Cope, University of Washington, $5,000

Sophia Dillery, Seattle University, $5,000

Kate Fenley, University of Washington, $10,000

Isabel Gabriel, University of Washington, $5,000

Emily Guard, Baylor University, $5,000

Sammantha Hopkins, Linfield College, $4,000

Madeline Marinkovich, Western Washington University, $5,000

Sophia Marinkovich, Western Washington University, $5,000

Samantha Pluff, University of Washington, $5,000

Alaina Scheffer, Western Washington University, $5,000

Madeline Schroeder, Seattle University, $5,000

Madden Shanks, Central Washington University, $6,000

Matthew Stepita, Western Washington University, $4,000

Sam Stewart, Gonzaga University, $4,000

Luke Stromberg, University of Dayton, $5,000

Thomas Synoground, Washington State University, $8,000

Ellery Von Dassow, Western Washington University, $4,000

Echo Wood, University of Washington, $4,000

Total Inskeep Re applicants: $108,000    


If you would like information about the Foundation’s scholarship funds or would like to contribute, call Carrie Unpingco, Executive Director, at 360-378-1001.

The San Juan Island Community Foundation serves as a non-profit philanthropic umbrella organization helping donors, non-profits and public organizations to achieve their goals through direct grants, organizational assistance and philanthropic resource management.  For further information about the Community Foundation, call 378-1001, visit, write to PO Box 1352, Friday Harbor, WA 98250 or, visit the office located at 640 Mullis St. Suite 104.

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