2018 Fair Match – San Juan Community Theatre – Musical Theatre Production Fund

02 Aug 2018, written by

The Community Foundation will match 50¢ on every dollar up to the goal amount of $5,000.

San Juan Community Theatre’s spring musical is one of our most exciting events every year! If you saw Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, you remember the lavish costumes, stunning sets, and the talented cast of San Juan Islanders who made it such a memorable experience.

Like most theatres, SJCT’s ticket sales only cover about 50% of our costs each year. We need the support of grants, members, and donors like you to provide access to our performances. That’s why, following the success of Beauty and the Beast, a generous donor provided a matching grant of $10,000 in honor of director Carol Hooper and the Beauty and the Beast production team. We have until September 30th to raise the matching funds to support the costumes, sets, equipment, and all the other production expenses that go into making the SJCT spring musical such a thrilling experience. Please join us at the SJI Community Foundation’s booth this year to support the Musical Theatre Production Fund!

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