What might be covered during the in-person, pre-application meeting?

08 Nov 2011, written by

The in-person, pre-grant application review will consider some of the following:

  • Leadership. Does your project offer an opportunity to develop community leadership or expand civic involvement?
  • Purpose. Does your project reflect the purpose of the grant program for which you are applying?
  • Impact. To what extent might your project make a lasting and significant difference in the quality of life for San Juan Islanders?
  • Strategy. Does your project address current or emerging community needs or opportunities?
  • Capacity. Does your organization have the resources and leadership to ensure project success?
  • Leverage. Can you show that additional funds, partners etc… are (or have been) involved?
  • Inclusiveness. Are any underserved segments of the community reached by your proposal? Is diversity promoted? How are the stakeholders for this project included?
  • Sustainability. Is the project designed to become self-sustaining and when? Projects requiring unending philanthropy are discouraged. Exceptions apply.
  • Goals. Can you explain what ‘success’ will look like and how will it be measured?
  • Design. Is your project designed in a clear, thoughtful, reasonable manner?

And, is there a sound business plan to support your goals?

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