What are the steps to apply for a grant?

08 Nov 2011, written by

In summary and in approximate sequence:

  • On-line (and up-to date) registration of your organization
  • Pre-grant submission meeting(s) with Foundation representative(s)
  • Submission of the grant application
  • Initial review by Foundation Grants Committee
  • Possible additional questions for the applicant that may require refinement of project/program
  • Grant is “Approved for Fund Development” or, “Denied”
If your application is  “Approved for Fund Development”:
    • An Internal review of funding options is conducted by our Fund Development Committee with
      • Possible award from existing internal discretionary funds (rare) or,
      • Active fund raising using many tools including personal meetings with donors, our website, newsletters etc…
    • Regular contact with you for updates on project planning, partner funding, changes in conditions etc…
    • Award(s) (full or partial) and Contract Agreement
    • Project reports to be filed as specified in the award contract

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